Drone Laws And Opportunity

There was an article today in my local newspaper talking about how the FAA and the Trump administration has been delayed in regulating new drone laws, specifically regarding flying over crowds.

As frustrating as this is, we all have to realize that this is the government we are talking about. Very few things ever happen quickly. So, in my opinion, we (commercial drone operators) can either crawl up in a corner and boo hoo over something that we have no control over or take this time to further educate the public on the many good uses of drones.

Law enforcement, in particular, has concerns regarding drones in and around populated areas. My suggestion for us dronies is to actively reach out to public officials, maybe offer free services in some type of way so they can observe not only what drones can do, but more importantly the safety features of the newest commercial-grade drones.

We have an opportunity to possibly assist in the regulating of drones in a positive way if we act soon! We all must do our part as drone operators to reach out to the public and educate our communities if we ever want to be truly accepted in today’s society.